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Even the sound of ‘corporate events’ sounds stuffy so it’s easy to see why many companies don’t bother. Yet, more and more often, we’re seeing that these kind of events are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. They can prove to be a crucial opportunity to influence, gain exposure, network and generate new business so let’s look at the 7 reasons why you should host your own corporate event.

1. Showcase who you are

At events, you have the opportunity to put your company on display for prospective customers to see exactly what you can do for them. Think product displays, equipment testing, kit launches, the works. They can also see the type of company you are, from the quality of the event to the representatives greeting them. The underlying impression speaks a thousand words at corporate events, and is worth it’s weight in gold. 

Fabletics is an incredible example, earning more then $500,000 in revenue, signing up more than 5,000 new members.

2. Reinforce your market position

Imagine hosting an event which is entirely branded by your company, including everything from the signage and name badges, to the presentations, food bags, giveaway pens and brochures and leaflets. By giving your guests a good  experience, they will associate that with your company, therefore establishing yourself in their minds.

Expanding overseas? These are the worlds best destinations for business events.

3. Build trust

We tend to buy based on recommendations, ignoring the sales pitch and flashy websites. This extends to your corporate event, but ‘how?’ you might ask. By allowing the guests to meet you, your team and the business itself they will  start to feel a connection to your brand. Given the opportunity of reaching out to a networking acquaintance met through a corporate event, or cold-buying from a random website, we bet you can work out which is more likely to happen.

4. Add value

Corporate events are two things: a good excuse to get out the office and a good excuse to learn something new. Add value to your events in the shape of presentations, workshops, talks, activities, games, break-off sessions – to  name a few. By putting these in your event, you’re incentivising clients to come and justifying a day away from their desks!

5. Free feedback

We all know the customer is key but finding out their opinion of your company is difficult. You can actually ask your guests for feedback and you could even make it fun (!) by using technology for live polls, quizzes and product  testing. We’re all human at the end of the day and people are usually happy to give genuine feedback if you ask. And after all, whilst they’re at your event they are a captive audience so it’d be foolish not to!

6. Get SMART

Let’s forget all these ambiguous goals like “reaching targets” and ask yourself how can this event help me smash my KPI’s. By using SMART objectives, you can tailor and tease your event into not only achieving your goals but let  guests realise they have met theirs for the day too

7. After Care 

Your event is not just a one-off. It’s an opportunity to create an ongoing dialogue between your company and your guests. How can you build up excitement beforehand? What about on the day materials and resources – how can you make  them interesting and compelling? And after the event, following it up with webinars, videos, newsletters and emails will keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.

So, with all this to think about, do you have the time to organise the actual thing? And this is where we step in. Our “how to organise an event” blog will give you the starting tips you need but if it’s all just too much  hassle, let us organise the most brand-friendly, customer-centric, fun yet educational corporate event for you.

See you next week, Rhianne xx

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