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Most blogs and/or wedding information out there tends to be slightly more aimed towards the Bride so this week I thought I would focus our blog on the Grooms!

1. Writing the all important speech

The best bit of advice we can give here is to write it, then rewrite it a couple of days later when you are looking at it with fresh eyes and a clear head! Remember to check with your bride who you need to thank – we’d highly recommend not to forget the brides parents haha. The bare bones of it should include thanking the bride’s parents and the best man, a bit about your new bride and how amazing she is, and finally thank and toast the bridesmaids.

2. The honeymoon

Did you know it is tradition for the groom to make the arrangements for the honeymoon just as it is also tradition for the groom to pay for the honeymoon, but luckily for you, most couples split the bill these days! Honeymoon planning is best sorted out early on which most couples will do as they like to have something to look forward to post wedding whether you go straight away or a few months later! Kuoni specialise in the luxury holidays so tend to be a good starting point. We also highly recommend using your local independent travel advisers, find your nearest at Travel Counsellors

3. Treat your wife-to-be

On the morning of the wedding as you and your bride are at separate houses getting ready, it is a nice idea to get her a little gift for her to open! Whether this is an actual gift or even just a little letter with all the reasons why you love her or your favourite memories – we can guarantee this will be something that will be treasured forever!! We love this article by Hitched which has 21 suggestions on – Click Here for article

4. Be realistic about your wedding night!

Yes you know what we mean here!! Let’s be fair you will both be knackered and will probably have had too much to drink. It’s ok, tomorrow is a new day but most importantly – the first day as man & wife so start married life off in style 😊 

5. Look your best!

We are sure this will be on your radar as you will want to look your best too (we hope) but make sure you plan in time for getting your hair cut and a shave (if you want one) – don’t leave it until the morning just incase, for whatever reason, you can’t go. Local to Elan Events in Bawtry is The Gentleman’s Retreat which can provide a full male grooming experience! 

6. Don’t have “too many”

I am sure on the morning of the wedding you’ll be having a few drinks to calm your nerves, just like your bride to be will be. However it is not the start of a “mad night” with the lads so don’t turn up to the ceremony stumbling around (especially since the vicar or registrar may choose not to officiate your license). Plus a drunken blur or a bad hangover the next day are not the ways you want to remember your wedding.

7. Breakfast

As we put in our other blog (10 top tips for your wedding) – the rules apply to you. However much you think you won’t be nervous you will be so make sure you set yourself up for the big day. There is a lot that happens before your wedding breakfast so you need to eat while you can.

8. Know the schedule

So lets be fair, how many of you will know every single detail and exact timings of when things will happen?! Well revise! Learn when things will be happening rather than constantly asking your wife what will happen next – plus if you do know what is happening your new wife will probably be rather impressed and surely that is a great start to married life!


Need we say anymore here?!?

10. The final tip….

Smile and enjoy it!

And there are my top 10 bits of information for all you grooms out there!

See you next week, Rhianne xx

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