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We are over the moon for Meghan and Harry on the birth of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Even from the few images that have hit the news today we can already tell that he is going to be an absolute heartbreaker! The super exciting news of the new arrival has got us thinking…

Here at Elan Events, we do love babies! Obviously I have our little stunner Ada which has brought so much joy and happiness in such a short space of time. Babies also give us so many excuses for planning lots of events. From the baby shower, to the Christening and then all the birthday parties, there are so many reasons to celebrate and you really don’t need to tell us twice to throw a party!

Baby Showers

We LOVE a baby shower as it is a great excuse to get all your nearest and dearest together to celebrate the pending arrival. We’ve known some last all day and then some that last a couple of hours. The games are always a highlight – whether it be the traditional, stick the dummy on the baby or guessing what is in the nappies. All the way through to the ones that are a little ruder including porn or labour face and baby shower taboo. The food always tends to be a highlight too since there is always cake, sweets, popcorn etc never mind the afternoon tea or buffet which is also booked. Either way it is a GREAT day out and to bring everyone together. Decoration wise – if the couple have found out the sex of the baby then it tends to be either pinks or blues. Did you know approx 80% of couples find out the sex nowadays!!! 


A christening isn’t for everyone but from our side it truly is a great family day. It reminds us a little of a church wedding how you go from the formal religious side all the way through to the after party bit. As always -food and drink are a must!! Christenings tend to be on a Sunday so a little more low key but that really doesn’t stop some people. Decoration wise this tends to be a little more fluid depending on if the sex of the baby was known in advance to have themed the baby shower. Some of the past decor that we have seen includes a traditional British tea party, a rainbow themed day and a Peter Rabbit themed event.Either way they are all stunning and super special to the family.

First Birthday Parties and Beyond…

Now for the parties that you will be forever planning – the birthday party. A baby’s first birthday is such a special occasion as it is their first BIG birthday and technically the next BIG one will be their 18th and that really isn’t worth thinking about when they are so young haha! The first birthday party is usually the one where you can get away without an “in your face” theme as they aren’t into anything as such. From their second birthday on wards it will be Peppa Pig, Finding Nemo or Barbie… you get my gist! I’m currently in the process of planning our daughters first birthday party and we are going for a tropical / fruit themed. Bring on all those bright colours, watermelons and pineapples!!!

Congratulations once again to Meghan and Harry, you are on the toughest yet most beautiful and rewarding journey! And if you need an Events Planner for the Christening or 1st birthday party then here at Elan Events we will be happy to help – haha 🙂

See you next time, Rhianne xx

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