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My focus this week has shifted slightly to thinking about that ritual that all brides tend to do before their special day, so I thought it would make a great blog to help those out who haven’t thought about those final few weeks / days / hours before they get wed!

So you’ve been waiting for this day for a year or maybe more and you want to feel your absolute best but most of the time people tend to have that whole “I just want to get married now” brain frazzle. Here are my final week self-care tips to hopefully guide you to being at your absolute best when you say “I do”.

1. Book a spa day or at least a massage

Book a back massage the night before your wedding

The best time for this would be the day before or even just a massage the night before. In the week before the wedding you will spend your time stressing over the small things. Not to mention all the appointments you have for nails, hair, picking your honeymoon tickets up etc. You will have so much built up tension, a massage will just help to relieve everything and help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. A couple of brides we have worked with in the past have actually gone for a spa day, the day before the wedding just to be in a totally relaxed space and to ensure a great nights sleep! Our favourite spas at the minute (around us) is Spa at Ye Olde Bell and Eden Hall!

2. Skin care routine

This is ideally something you will begin approximately 6 months before the day but especially in those couple of weeks running up to the big day. This is due to the stress and worry which undoubtedly doesn’t help with bad skin and spot breakouts which is not ideal for those wedding photos. Just a simple cleanse, tone and moisturise will help to keep your skin in great condition and some brands don’t cost the earth which is a win win all round! I’m currently loving the Lacura range from Aldi and my bank balance is loving the cost too.

3. Talking

A coffee with friends is the best form of relieving stress

Nowadays there is a lot out there about shouting up when you are struggling and wedding planning is no exception to this rule. If you are struggling with the wedding planning then make sure you tell someone whether it is your mum, your bridesmaids or even your fiancé. The old saying “a problem shared is a problem halved” could not be more true. Alternatively contact a wedding planner if you want to completely take the stress away as after a good chat over a brew it is amazing how much this can help to calm your nerves.

4. Fresh air!

Fresh air is sooooo good for clearing the mind and helping to alleviate stress! Take a walk either on your own, with your fiancé or with your friends. Nature is amazing for the mind and body. We love any of the National Trust parks – our local is Clumber Park where me and our dog Ralph go regularly. After a trip here I am refreshed and one happy girl!

5. Wedding free time

Make sure you find time for a date night

One of the biggest thing people tend to say after the wedding is that they had forgotten what they did with themselves before planning a wedding. Which obviously then doesn’t help with those wedding blues. Take a weekend off to spend some quality time together or go for a meal and ban all wedding conversations – you will thank us for this later.

6. The night before

We all know most brides tend to have their bridesmaids around them the night before but an early night is key. You won’t sleep well which is a fact so make sure you go to bed early enough to try and get as many hours sleep that you can. Your hair & make up team tend to arrive at the crack of dawn so you need to be feeling fresh and excited!!

Early morning preparations

I hope this helps and you go into your wedding day completely calm and relaxed! See you next week, Rhianne xx

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