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Our furry friends are not just pets anymore; they’re part of the family. So, come your big day it’s only natural you’d want their presence as you say “I do.” Not only that, you might not have a pet but just loveee animals. Koala in the pews? No problem. Llamas photo bombing your selfies? Why not. A thousand doves released as you sign on the dotted line? Let’s do this!

Having animals at weddings is becoming an increasingly popular choice to make but you might be wondering exactly how you can incorporate humans and animals successfully. After all, animals are not always the most predictable! Here are some purrfect (sorry) tips for involving animals in to your big day. 

1. Pet Personality

dog bride and groom
dog bride and groom

If you’re bringing your dog, cat, turtle or whatever pet you have to your wedding then think about how they’ll react with a room full of guests. A nice and popular idea is to have your pet, let’s say a dog, be the ring bearer. Can you be sure your dog will walk nicely down the aisle on its best behaviour delivering the ring with a flourish and a wag of its tail? Or will it get distracted and start sniffing the flowers or jump on to your great-grandma’s knee and drool on her new fancy dress. Don’t let your wishes and expectations put your pet in an uncomfortable situation; be sure they can handle it!

2. Arrive In Style

Okay, maybe rocking up to your venue on the back of an elephant is a little OTT (but don’t let us put you off!). But you can arrive in style in a horse drawn carriage giving all the “olden-day” vibes. If unicorns are your things, turn those horses into mythical creatures with these unicorn horn attachments (yes, that’s a real thing).

3. Doggy Day Care

dog with bow tie ready for wedding
dog with bow tie ready for wedding

Let’s face it, having your pet at your wedding is a really nice idea but someone needs to take care of him or her as you’ll be busy… getting married. As this trend continues to grow, businesses are popping up which take care of your pooch from as little as pre-ceremony grooming to full styling, chaperoning at your event and then overnight in-house boarding. We recommend using Hurleys Grooming to take care of your doggy wedding day care needs

4. Llama Love

We weren’t joking about having llamas at your wedding. Now we do know they’re stereotypically unfriendly and have been known to spit… BUT if you get well-trained llamas (or their smaller furry friend, the alpaca) then it can really take your do to the next level. Why not walk down the aisle alongside one? Or have an alpaca bear your rings during the ceremony? Nidderdale Llamas can bring llamas or alpacas to your event to add a little something to your special day.

5. Elephant Extravagance

Okay, even we admit that a real elephant might be little OTT despite them being a popular feature of Indian weddings. But they are a symbol of good luck which is ideal for a wedding, and there are plenty of ways to work this animal into your big day. We love these ideas for bringing these majestic animals into your day – especially the elephant cufflinks!

There are so many ways to involve animals in your big day – we’ve touched on a few ideas here but if you’re looking for some more inspiration then check out these gorgeous photos, which showcase the many ways you can have animals involved. 

If you love these ideas but have no idea where to start then please get in touch with us; even if it’s for a chat to come up with ideas or just to talk things through then we’re here to offer some friendly advice (normally over a brew!) Email info@elaneventsandweddings.com now

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