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This week’s blog we are talking all about baby showers as last weekend, I attended not one but two celebrations. We planned, executed and delivered the one on Sunday, so I thought I could chat through them both seeing as they were very separate occasions with great examples of how to throw a fab shower.  

Mummy to be


This beautiful gathering was at the house of one of the grandparents for the new little boy. The day was planned amazingly and both food and drink was provided by Fodder & Froth

Mummy to be and Fodder & Froth

With Sam being a first time mum, a lot of the traditional baby shower games were played including “guess the baby food” whilst also completing the predictions for the new bundle of joy about names and weight, to name a few. The father to be has Italian routes so guessing Italian boy’s name was definitely a nice change than thinking of the traditional boy’s names that do the rounds!

The other games that were played included drawing messages or pictures on baby grows which was great fun! Only the true designers seemed to get involved with this one and I was not one of those. My art skills are not something that I should ever inflict on anyone else haha. 

Nappy messages

We also all wrote messages on nappies to help put a smile on mummy and daddy’s face during those testing moments that come with having a newborn! There was a nice mixture of messages; some really kind ones and then some funny ones! After Ada was born, I remember reading these nappy messages and definitely put a smile on my face especially when I took advantage of the ones that said “this one is for daddy”. 

It was so lovely going to an event as an actual guest  rather than being involved in it somehow, so a big thank you for having us and sending so much love to Sam, Dale and the new baby when he makes an appearance!!

Now moving on to Sunday

This was an Elan Events baby shower, but it was also for my best friend who is having her second baby in a matter of weeks now – a beautiful little girl!! 

Floral themed for a little girl

The theme for Sunday’s event was floral and pink so we opted for flower centrepieces, put in small jars dotted around the room. The venue we decided on was The King William Inn at Scaftworth just outside of Bawtry. We chose this venue partly due to the location, it was accessible for all the guests and wouldn’t have raised suspicions for mum-to-be Gina, who was none the wiser about what we’d planned. Also, the food at this pub is amaaazing so seemed a win-win all round. 

We decided to move away from the traditional afternoon tea you often find at baby showers and went for mixed platters including a fish platter, Yorkshire platter, Camemberts, halloumi fries. To top it all off, the roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings went down like an absolute treat – it would be rude to not have them on a Sunday. 

The planned games for the day

This is Gina’s second baby so I made the conscious decision to move away from the normal games played at a baby shower! We opted for more group games including guess the animal’s mother, Disney parents, emoji Pictionary and baby scramble. It created a bit of light-hearted fun and let’s face it, we all love winning a prize don’t we!!

The nappy game

My favourite game of the day was the nappy game (the perks of being awake in the middle of the night with a 10-month old baby!) 

We had done something similar on my friends hen do where we made wedding dresses out of toilet roll so I thought why not make nappies out of toilet roll. We did this game right at the start of the afternoon to break the ice a little and was an absolute hit!! There were some beauties created, and definite serious competition between the groups. Thankfully Gina had to make the decision on which nappy won and not myself!

Here is Gina’s sister Charlotte modelling her group’s nappy!

Knowing all the food was savoury I opted for favours which were popcorn cones with stickers on saying “ready to pop” which I thought was a great touch. I also booked a sweet cart from Castle Candy which turned out to be a great decision since everyone needed that “something sweet” after all the delicious food that the King William had put on. Julie has done a couple of events for us and is so amazing with the selection she provides. I made sure that ALL the sweets went home with the guests who had attended as the thought of them coming back to my house gave me palpitations haha. 

Table decor - all pink and floral

We had an amazing weekend at these two baby showers and it was lovely to have one for each sex too! 

To these two little babies that are due to arrive in the world next month – you really are the most loved little ones already and we cannot wait to meet you.

See you next week, Rhianne xx

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