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We’ve had a busy couple of weeks here at Elan Events so the thought behind today’s blog is to be short and sweet whilst still giving you some all important nuggets of information. 

Have you ever wondered what a wedding planner’s top 10 tips would be… well here we go!

1. First and foremost – try not to please everyone; it is physically impossible. This is one thing I really try to tell my brides as it can become really overwhelming. The biggest thing is that your wedding should be just that – all about you and your partner.

2. Get your engagement ring cleaned before your big day. Everyone loves a sparkly diamond – right? For the ceremony pop your engagement ring either on the other hand or ask your Maid of Honour to look after it – tradition states that your wedding band should be the first on your finger so it is closest to your heart. Then after the ceremony you can pop your engagement ring back on and voila, your ring collection is complete!

3. On the morning of your wedding- go bra free (especially if your dress is strapless) as any marks from the straps will be hard to hide in those all important wedding photos.

4. Ask someone to grab a newspaper on the day of your wedding – not only does it make a great memoir but this way you can then look back at what made the headlines on the day you got married.

5. Create a #hashtag! Nowadays, everything is on “the ‘gram” so create a special #hashtag so all your guests can tag and upload their photos so you can sit and look at, at a later stage. Maybe even on the beach with a cocktail in hand whilst on honeymoon!

6. Eat. Not only am I recommending you make sure you have breakfast whilst having a fizz or three getting ready, but also eat at your reception too. You chose and paid for the food so what more of an excuse do you need. So many couples forget to eat due to nerves or being too busy chatting to guests so make it a priority – I know I will be doing at our wedding!

7. Wedding day survival kits – although this is traditionally the Maid of Honour’s job we recommend getting everything together just so you know you have everything. Your Maid of Honour can then simply look after it. Our top 10 items to pop in are – deodorant, lipstick, powder, tissues, hairclips, mints, perfume, plasters, mirror and a mini sewing kit.

8. If you are having your ceremony and reception at the same venue then ensure you have 10 minutes with your new husband / wife as just you two. Should you have chosen a venue to get married in and then a different venue for your reception then you get that time of the car journey together. It is nice to just sit back and have that time to be thankful for everything that is going on around you. EVERY bride we speak too, says how quickly their day went so this will give you the opportunity to make it count.

9. After the big day, get your dress dry cleaned. We recommend this even if you think it is clean just so you put it away in a spotlessly clean state. It is surprising how dirty the bottom of your dress can get and that is without any food stains! 

10. Have the most fun!! This will be one of the best days of your life so you need to enjoy it and by even having 10 minutes to sit back and watch everything that is going on it will just help to ensure the day doesn’t go in one big blur!!

That’s all for now, speak soon – Rhianne x

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